Centres of clinical care

The list of clinical care centres is intended to aid patients, family and carers to access clinical care in their country or whilst travelling abroad. All clinical associate and collaborating partners of E-HOD are able to provide clinical care for the homocysinurias, methylation and folate defects.

We encorage you to contact an E-HOD partner for further information on clinical care centres.

In Europe, there is work on-going to advance national policies, plans or strategies for rare diseases and to designate centres of expertise for rare diseases. In 2013, only France has designated centres of expertise in the context of a national plan for rare diseases. A few countries currently have officially designated centres of expertise for rare diseases (i.e. selected and financed by health authorities) outside of a national plan/strategy for rare diseases. A number of countries have non-designated centres of expertise for rare diseases which are acknowledged by authorities to varying degrees.

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Information is provided by the individual centre who themselves are resonsible for the accuracy. EHOD takes no responsibility for the quality and reliability for the services provided by centres listed on this website which resides with individual centres.